Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 9/ Day 10/ Day 11 - Elastics fitted

Hey so I've been posting next to nothing as there's honestly not been much to report!

I had my appointment at Newcross - where I had the surgery, and my surgeon was really really pleased with his work, no I mean really pleased. He kept standing back and staring at me and smiling - it was as if I'd done a painting and was proud of my work, which is fair enough really - I'm proud of his work!

He said everything went well, the reasons I have a larger swelling on my left side is due to a haematoma when they were cutting (this is just a collection of blood which made a swelling as it bruised). he says my stitches are healing fine and he was happy with my recovery. So they've discharged me from that hospital :)

Today was the first day where I've taken no tablets as I've woken up :) I'd been off the co-codamol for a few days now, but still had ibuprofen in the mornings and at night to help me sleep, but today I woke up with no headache, no jawlock - it was bliss!

I had my appointment at the manor hospital - where I've had my orthodontics done for the last 2 years, and he is really pleased, again, and said that there's not much more to do on his end, as he tried to do as much as he could pre-op. 

I've had to have some elastics though! 

He put one either side...not too bad as I could still open my mouth fairly good. Then he added two more closer to the front - I wanted to cry, I felt so distressed - I couldn't even open my mouth to speak let alone would be able to add any food in there!

He then showed me them in the mirror, and told me the outer ones stay on, but the front ones I have to put on myself just for night time. 

I was so relieved! 

I felt devastated thinking I've only just been able to open my mouth and chew some foods and now this! But it's going to be okay - If I can manage to put the bands on!  But on the bright side I might have my braces off soon! He said he will do it as soon as I can open my mouth fully!

So, this is me, day... 11 I think? That's what my count down says anyway!

Can't wait for the last of the swelling to go so I can really see the results!

Here's the elastics which will stay on until my appointment next week maybe? (hopefully!)

This shows me where I need to put the elastics.. Wish me luck - They're so fiddley! 

This is as wide as I can go with these elastics in!!!

This is now my favorite side. My new 'good side' even with swelling I'm so happy with it.

All in all, I'm still a very happy customer! 

It's still worth it :)

Hope everyone is well, hang in there, whatever your circumstances, I feel it'll change your life for the better - just 4mm has made me so happy and given me so much confidence!

Enjoy the weekend! 


  1. So glad to hear that you had an amazing check up!: ) You look great. So jealous you can open your mouth! Monday is my check up and I will be unwired. THANK GOD! lol

    1. I just read through your latest posts - so great that you're unwired and eating now! xx

  2. Nice one Sophie - looking amazing, and sounds as though it's not going to be long until your braces are off too - how incredible is that gonna feel (?!) Im so jealous, im getting really desperate now :(

    All the best, can't wait to see some good ol' before and afters :)

    All the best chick


    1. I feel like everything has come around -I'm now saying to you what everyone told me, that it'll be here before you know it and at the time I felt that it was such an impossible thing, and that it would never happen and yes- desperate was exactly the word!

      But you know, if anything, its very anti climatic, it's all over now really, and this huge thing that has been building up for years is done just like that!

      I hope things do start moving for you - it feels like you can't get on with your life until it's done, like you can't quiet be the person you want to be. But it's so worth it, I promise! xxx

  3. Hi Sophie - Looking good chick!
    I'm really happy for you that you love your results - It's a little crazy to think that 4mm can change your life so much for the positive - its wonderful news :) x

    1. 4mm is my favorite amount of mm now :)

      It's funny how when I wake up, or when I'm walking around I don't think 'I've had jaw surgery' cause everything feels so normal and natural now. It's good, it really is x

  4. Kudos to your surgeon, and cheers to you for the successful operation! You must feel very pleased and relieved with that incredible result. And you look great, even if the other side of your face is swelling. Also, it seems that you had a quick and smooth recovery. It's great how everything turned out for you. All the best!

    Cynthia Bowers @ Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center