Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 1- POST OPP!

Hey guys I made it!
I wrote a massive post after I got out of theater yesterday but then my phone battery died and I couldn't be bothered to re type it!
Bottom line is I feel surprisingly great!
I'm in no pain and my numbness is fading now.
It's impossible to use this blog app on my phone so when I go home I'll bombard you with my story and photos!
Speak to you in a few hours. And than you all so much for being here for me- reading your posts last night was wonderful x I'm currently very slowly licking ready brek off a baby spoon so I gotta go :)
Just 1 sneaky photo or two:)
Ill explain the swelling later. But I'm already so happy with the results x


  1. Congratulations lovely!

    So pleased you made it through the other side!

    looking forward to haring more from you! xxx

  2. So happy for you Sophie!! Looking forward to hearing all about it, and encouraging you through your recovery.
    Ellie xx

  3. Congrats Sophie you look amazing for just having surgery :) I can't wait to see your complete results I'm so happy for you!!