Thursday, 30 October 2014

Just Dropping by... (I Miss You All) Day 472

I've genuinely surprised myself as I logged on to this blog tonight - I'm incredibly emotional as I visit everybody's pages, and re-read my own. 

Corrinne -
 ''...I hope one day I feel 100% worthy of someone. Just to feel totally adored and valued - and to feel like I deserve it, without question or doubt...' 
You absolutely got me as I was reading that line. That is bang on what goes through my head a good majority of the time; feeling overly grateful for a person wanting to be with me, and constantly doubting their motives- can't just accept that it may be that I'm a wonderful, kind person right?

I think I miss the sense of belonging that I got from sharing with this little Brace-Faced community -  something unique to be a part of, with people who just 'got it'. 
But I also think that knowing when it's no longer necessary to post frequent updates is important. I'm of course keeping this blog open for people to benefit from it the way I benefited from others, but as you can see, my last update was 17th April 2014, so My posts will most likely become yearly - That doesn't mean I don't come nosing around to see what y'all been up to ;) I like to see what everyone's doing and in a sense, watching people grow -this blog has been here for getting on 4 years!

How is my jaw, you ask?

It looks like this :)

So July just gone was my 1 year post op mark - it came and went before I even realized. I forgot to post anything and then I guess life got in the way.

The only downside (and really, it's not a big deal!) 

My numbness has not changed, the feeling in my right lower lip, chin and all of my bottom gums has not returned, nor does it seem like it ever will at this point. It can be frustrating, and makes me feel quite clumsy when say, I'm out eating with my class mates, or generally anywhere in public, as I'm prone to not notice food around my mouth but if you asked my dad he'd tell you this has always been a problem...

My surgeon is genuinely stumped about this as he claims (according to his surgery notes) ''...both nerves were seen and avoided - no damage...'' so he doesn't understand why just one side has recovered despite both sides enduring the same thing. He's booked me in for another check up in 6 months.

But everything is generally well! 

I'm waiting for my orthodontic appointment in a few weeks where they'll decide if I've been wearing my retainers properly. ( I haven't, but it's because they're so lose they don't do anything for my teeth!) My teeth look fine to me - no drastic movement despite infrequent retainer use, which is probably because I haven't grown in about 8 years so the retainers have an easy job!

oh, I also had my FIRST scale and polish/ dental check up SINCE BEFORE BRACES which was 4 years ago! My dentist was shocked my this but said I had perfectly clean teeth despite this. I described some sensitivity I get since being de-braced, he took some xrays and decided that there may or may not be some decay in one of my molars (where the bracket would have been) he said there's no way to know for sure so I can either have it drilled to find out or leave it! I said no way am I having a filling just cause I 'might' have a problem!

So I'm just sticking to the Sensodyne ;)

Lastly- What have I been up to?

Well! Most significantly for me, I hitch-hiked from London to Budapest in 4 days spending no money and using nothing but my wit and charm to get there, all in aid of AICR which we raised an amazing £31k!!! Worth every blister ;)

Tom and I pleased with ourselves as we blag our way on to a German train!

Finally made it to Budapest! - Group photo of all the teams

Enjoyed my first festival! Sonisphere 2014 - a little too much!

 Pirates for Alestorm :)

Moved my 'elderly' bunnies in to my uni house, and got two new gerbils to the growing collection of animals 

I'm painting again! Just cause i don't study it doesn't mean I should waste my *ahem* talent 

Rango ;)

I got some more tattoos... not really news but sure I like them!

All in all things are going well! I'm very happy still living as a student with my partner and our pets, I'm well in to my second year at university now - I'll be a Forensic Investigator in no time! ;)

Wishing everyone well, new followers and old friends

Best wishes until next time