Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pessimism/ Tasting Blood?

For the past few days now I can taste that distinctive metallic taste of blood, specifically to the one side of my mouth, the left. I have no cuts, sores, and I feel fine, I haven't had a nose bleed, nor do I feel I'm going to have one, so I really have no idea why this is - its very annoying!

Unrelated (I think) I may have chipped one of my molars which has the bracket around it, coincidentally also on the left, as the middle of my tooth feels rough since I was munching on some sherbet pips (totally worth it!) - but there is no pain, no sensitivity, so I'm writing this off to not being connected to the blood-taste.

I'm still borderline concerned about the taste...I will mention it on Thursday at my SOS brace appointment with Mr Clumsy-Hands-Locum (joy!). I'm also prepared for him to tell me there is no gap and that I've wasted an appointment slot, but I know I'm doing the right thing.

So here's a few photos, just to show I'm not seeing things - there IS a gap which has decided to squeeze its way in, which hasn't been there for a long time, from early last year to now. 


27th April 2012 - GAP (and when I still had hope for surgery in 2012)

24th January 2013 - NO GAP (Surgery in February??)

Tonight - GAP (All hope is gone...)

General Face Update

I'm not even sure which is my 'good side' today..

(It's meant to be this one btw) 

Friday, 22 February 2013

What would I do without you guys? :)

 [Corrinne & Cassie, Thank you both for your words, you've snapped me out of my selfish mind set that day!] 

Hey! sorry for the late reply (but not really cause I had the best night ever, but that's for another time ;p)

As you know by my recent rant that I'm not happy with the speed in which things are going at the moment and feel I'm being strung along!

I called up and explained to them what the problem is and why I'm concerned. They then got the locum doctor to call me back, and he said he's happy to NOT see me (you and me both, pal) but I insisted that the gap I had before was less than this when they told me it had postponed my surgery! so I'm scheduled another SOS brace appointment for next Thursday at 9.10am.

Apparently I'm still on the waiting list for the joint clinic to see my surgeon, and they don't have an answer for how long this could take. But in the mean time, I'm just gonna keep holding on to all of your kind words of encouragement and just know that I'm not alone!!!

I seriously don't know where I'd be without this blog, without you guys, and I know we're all doing this for our own reasons, but we're all going through pretty much the same crap each day in the hope to achieve this. When I look on the bright side, yes, these past 2 years have gone quickly in some respect, but there's still a damn long road ahead.

Be well! 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Today I felt like I'd had enough, of braces, of waiting, of everything. 
They make me so claustrophobic sometimes I just wanna rip 'em out of my mouth!

Next month I will have had these braces for two years. 

My dad said today, ''Its really flown by, hasn't it?''
I said ''I hope that's sarcasm''

I have to call the hospital tomorrow, cause I'm yet to have my appointment for the joint clinic come through, and yes, I am selfishly growing impatient, I'm now wondering if this wait will leak in to June? July? Perhaps I'll end up with surgery for my birthday in August, cause one things for sure, its not happening this Month. I very much doubt the next too.

I want to move on... its like, okay, I've done the whole braces thing now, that's enough, let me look like an adult for once - because since being an adult I've had these stuck to my face. 

Maybe I'll have better news for tomorrow. 
But for now, have a great night, my Brace-Bloggers, and I hope all is well with everyone!

Sick of calling this my good side....

Thursday, 14 February 2013

My first V-Day Single/ Look over there, its another Gap!!!

My first valentines day single in 7 years

...Its actually not so bad :)

There might be a guy...But it's too early for that story! >.<

But back to business!

Gap Gap oh and did I mention gap?!?!
My last post was me complaining about a gap which had appeared in the center of my bottom teeth. I booked an SOS appointment, got it sorted, its gone. But because they've shoved some more powerchain on me, it has now created a gap at the side where the powerchain ends!!!

ARGHH When will it end???

So I don't know whether I should call up or not, because I don't want to be a nuisance but I also don't want to be told I have to be postponed again due to my teeth not being ready.

So, I probably should screw my need to please people and just call, right? Besides, I'm only due one more ortho appointment before I'm refereed to the joint clinic, and I don't know when that will be.

Hope you're all well and being spoilt rotten by your guys ;)

Happy Valentines day! 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Feel in Control Again :)

Hey guys, My emergency appointment went well, I got stuck with mean big-handed locum ortho again, who fitted me with my 'best friend' - the plastic power chain >.< But if it closes this reoccurring gap then I'm all for it. 

He said I shouldn't worry about the receding tooth at the moment, and that if it got any worse, they would have noticed.

I felt a little insulted, as he told me I had some slight tartar build up in the gap I talked about. I'm just a little sensitive about it as I pride myself in taking care of my teeth, but my mom made the good point of that since I've had my braces, (almost 2 years) I haven't been to the normal dentist for a clean, so I must have done something good so far!

So now I have to book in with my dentist for a clean and polish or whatever they do - trouble is I haven't renewed my HC1 form, which as a student, entitles me to free dental care and prescriptions, so until this gets sorted I'd have to pay which I'm not gonna do lol.

Now, I'm off to have a bath, good night, Brace-faces :) x