Thursday, 14 February 2013

My first V-Day Single/ Look over there, its another Gap!!!

My first valentines day single in 7 years

...Its actually not so bad :)

There might be a guy...But it's too early for that story! >.<

But back to business!

Gap Gap oh and did I mention gap?!?!
My last post was me complaining about a gap which had appeared in the center of my bottom teeth. I booked an SOS appointment, got it sorted, its gone. But because they've shoved some more powerchain on me, it has now created a gap at the side where the powerchain ends!!!

ARGHH When will it end???

So I don't know whether I should call up or not, because I don't want to be a nuisance but I also don't want to be told I have to be postponed again due to my teeth not being ready.

So, I probably should screw my need to please people and just call, right? Besides, I'm only due one more ortho appointment before I'm refereed to the joint clinic, and I don't know when that will be.

Hope you're all well and being spoilt rotten by your guys ;)

Happy Valentines day! 


  1. CALL THEM! They may be annoyed, but not as much as you if you get postponed. Happy V Day Sophie :)

  2. Totally agree, give them a call. Better safe than sorry! x

  3. I think we are all in agreement here and you should call them. I sometimes feel like I'm bugging my orthodontist, but then I remember it's his job and I'm paying him!! Even my surgeon's office knows my name because I've called them so much and I haven't had my surgery yet! I jut had my pre-op appointment on Wednesday and one lady said, "so you're the famous Esmeralda."

  4. haha aw thanks guys, I'm calling them tomorrow first thing - nothing is going to stop me this time - I'm having this surgery on track even if it kills me!