Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Today I felt like I'd had enough, of braces, of waiting, of everything. 
They make me so claustrophobic sometimes I just wanna rip 'em out of my mouth!

Next month I will have had these braces for two years. 

My dad said today, ''Its really flown by, hasn't it?''
I said ''I hope that's sarcasm''

I have to call the hospital tomorrow, cause I'm yet to have my appointment for the joint clinic come through, and yes, I am selfishly growing impatient, I'm now wondering if this wait will leak in to June? July? Perhaps I'll end up with surgery for my birthday in August, cause one things for sure, its not happening this Month. I very much doubt the next too.

I want to move on... its like, okay, I've done the whole braces thing now, that's enough, let me look like an adult for once - because since being an adult I've had these stuck to my face. 

Maybe I'll have better news for tomorrow. 
But for now, have a great night, my Brace-Bloggers, and I hope all is well with everyone!

Sick of calling this my good side....


  1. Me too Sophie, and I've only had mine on for 17 months. Right now I feel left behind and forgotten. Why does everyon else only need braces for twelve months before surgery?! Am I a sucker?! So if I feel like this now, you must feel 5 times worse than me! Sometimes it just gets overwhelmingly frustrating - made worse by family who just don't quite (bless them) understand what we are going through.
    So please rant some more - you'll only be saying what we all think.
    Not only is this process gruelling on our bodies, it is very difficult on our minds - many people don't realise that.
    Our blogging community is here to listen to hard times - I had a bit of a rant yesterday and everyone was lovely! :) hope tomorrow is a better day for you Sophie x

  2. Sophie I bet you must be so frustrated, you have had to wait so long. When you finally get to have your surgery you are going to be so happy. But I hope you know that you are beautiful the way you are and your teeth look so wonderful! I am excited for you and I hope they get their butts moving with your surgery, because that is so unfair.