Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Feel in Control Again :)

Hey guys, My emergency appointment went well, I got stuck with mean big-handed locum ortho again, who fitted me with my 'best friend' - the plastic power chain >.< But if it closes this reoccurring gap then I'm all for it. 

He said I shouldn't worry about the receding tooth at the moment, and that if it got any worse, they would have noticed.

I felt a little insulted, as he told me I had some slight tartar build up in the gap I talked about. I'm just a little sensitive about it as I pride myself in taking care of my teeth, but my mom made the good point of that since I've had my braces, (almost 2 years) I haven't been to the normal dentist for a clean, so I must have done something good so far!

So now I have to book in with my dentist for a clean and polish or whatever they do - trouble is I haven't renewed my HC1 form, which as a student, entitles me to free dental care and prescriptions, so until this gets sorted I'd have to pay which I'm not gonna do lol.

Now, I'm off to have a bath, good night, Brace-faces :) x


  1. Hi Sophie,
    Must be the week for power chains - I now have two - one top (12 links); one bottom (10 links). Bit more ouchy than a normal adjustment. Hope that gap closes up for you.
    Night night :)

    1. Good morning!
      Eeek! That's a whole lot-a powerchain, Ellie!
      I think you should ask if they'll take the time and give you the metal wire equivalent, (I've got some pictures of mine a few posts back.) my nice orthodontist said they work no better nor worse than plastic and are more hygienic especially when you gotta have them for a while! x

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit happier Sophie :)