Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pessimism/ Tasting Blood?

For the past few days now I can taste that distinctive metallic taste of blood, specifically to the one side of my mouth, the left. I have no cuts, sores, and I feel fine, I haven't had a nose bleed, nor do I feel I'm going to have one, so I really have no idea why this is - its very annoying!

Unrelated (I think) I may have chipped one of my molars which has the bracket around it, coincidentally also on the left, as the middle of my tooth feels rough since I was munching on some sherbet pips (totally worth it!) - but there is no pain, no sensitivity, so I'm writing this off to not being connected to the blood-taste.

I'm still borderline concerned about the taste...I will mention it on Thursday at my SOS brace appointment with Mr Clumsy-Hands-Locum (joy!). I'm also prepared for him to tell me there is no gap and that I've wasted an appointment slot, but I know I'm doing the right thing.

So here's a few photos, just to show I'm not seeing things - there IS a gap which has decided to squeeze its way in, which hasn't been there for a long time, from early last year to now. 


27th April 2012 - GAP (and when I still had hope for surgery in 2012)

24th January 2013 - NO GAP (Surgery in February??)

Tonight - GAP (All hope is gone...)

General Face Update

I'm not even sure which is my 'good side' today..

(It's meant to be this one btw) 


  1. Good call on the SOS appointment Sophie - you'd have hated yourself if you hadn't gone in and it had caused a delay. Best to put your mind a rest.

    Strange about the taste if blood; you'll have to let us know what it causing it (if you find out!).

    Good luck for tomorrow :)

    1. Thanks, yeah you were right, Id be kicking myself if it gets delayed and I could have done something to prevent it.

      Im so irritable right now- if the ortho is helpful tomorrow I don't think I'll be able to contain my frustration!

      Hope your metal isn't giving not too much trouble! Have a nice night, I'll be blogging in the morning :)