Sunday, 3 March 2013

Could it be...?

Good evening, or, if you're here in the UK with me, good (early) morning! I've just finished work and thought I'd let you know how my appointment went.

[SOS brace appointment to sort out the gap which had formed]

So I had my 'favorite' locum orthodontist, and okay, I will actually admit he was nice to me last week, and I think there's a mutual agreement to surrender any grudges and misconceptions which we may have had for each other - or maybe its cause we both know we'll never have to see each other again! aha!

But on an amazing note, after he sorted the gap, by adding 2 elastics either side of my bottom teeth, my mom asked him if he had any idea when my surgery would be (she wants to book a holiday....) and he looked surprised and said, 'oh, haven't you received your joint clinic date yet? because your surgery is all planned here (gestures to my file)' 

I was like, No. Fracking. Way.

This means, that my surgeon has put in to writing/drawing/whatever, what I am having done! I don't know what this plan is yet, but its real! and its there! and its going to happen! I'm litterally just waiting for a meeting with him, so he can share this with me - I have a good feeling that it has been posted to me and I will receive this next week. so...

I could be having surgery this month?!?

I'm feeling good about this - I'm confident, and optimistic and I just know it won't be much longer, I mean, my teeth are done now, so they can't keep them in this limbo of not moving much longer! This is such a better feeling than last week, and I promise, even if I get let down again, I'll stay positive cause you guys really know how to help keep me going - I need to get my ass in to gear and do the same for you!

So for all you Brace bloggers, who, like me, are quickly approaching the 2 year mark...

Hang in there, it's gonna get better, I promise!

(I Was so happy, I went for a walk and smiled to myself whilst listening to some very positive music :) )
FYI - I never did find out what was causing the blood/metallic taste, and Google says a common cause is pregnancy, but I'm ruling that one out as I appear to be missing one key act for this to be a possibility... >.<


  1. So so so excited for you Sophie Leigh! Stay positive! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Woohoo Sophie!! That's great news, so excited for you :). I've just done 7 months in braces - cant imagine two years of them prior to surgery. Onwards & upwards.
    Cheers, Ellie

    1. Ha thanks Ellie, you know what, 2 years has only felt like a life time on the days when I was so negative about it! Right now, just with that little drop of good news, time feels irrelevant- it'll be so worth it in the end!
      Saying that, I do hope your treatment doesn't drag!

  3. Oh wow! Great news :) happy for you Sophie