Monday, 11 March 2013

No news was good news/ 2 years with braces

Many people dislike Mondays, but for me, the last couple of weeks, I've wished the weekend to be over so that Monday will come and I can call the hospital to find out if I have a date to meet my surgeon. I call so often we're on first name terms now.

Well for 2.5 seconds, today felt like my big break.

The Receptionist told me 'oh, yes actually you do have an appointment!'
'Oh thats brilliant, when is it?'
'May 2nd'

May 2nd. Just to meet with the guy, then god knows when my surgery will be. I actually cried a little once I hung up.

So I called my surgeon's secretary and begged her to find out why this is taking so long - I don't understand how last year they were certain it would be January, then this year they've assured me it would be March.. and now possibly not even May?

Today also marks the 2 years since I've had braces, and if the date for my appointment is anything to go by, I've got another good 5 months with these attached to my face. If you're a blogger who reads my rants regularly, you'll know that a common complaint of mine is people mistaking my age due to my braces. But it's not all bad - as yesterday, bowling with my family, I passed as a 15 year old and got a child's ticket! knocked 6 years off me!

All in all, not a good start to the week. The secretary said she will gather my case file and speak with my surgeon and get back to me within a few days. I'm praying for good news.

Also, May is exam time - just my luck to have my face broken then.

Hope your weeks start off better, have a good day, bloggers!


  1. Don't lose hope! I had braces on during August 2009, and i'd been told countless of times that I should have my operation soon (my first ever appointment they told me i'd probably have surgery 6 months after having braces on!). You can imagine that 3 years later I started to lose hope :P I received a call at the start of this month to tell me that my date was the 28th of March - so your date too will come when you least expect it. :) x

    1. Arghh just the thought of another year with braces is spirit-dampening.

      I got my call back from the surgeon's secretary and she told me that I'm not even on the waiting list at that hospital! (I was having orthodontics at one, surgery will be at another) and said I basically have to call the ortho hospital, tell them that they need to send a reference to my surgery hospital to say that they're done with my braces, which will THEN put me on the list! phew!

      It must feel good to be able to count down the days!

  2. How annoying! I had the same problem, I can remember going to a joint clinic appointment and i'd convinced myself by this point that i'd be given a date during the appointment, and instead they just told me that they'd officially put me on the list! I was mortified! As far as I was concerened I was already on the list! Atleast they know you're waiting for your surgery, and fingers crossed if they get a cancellation soon, with you calling regularly they'll offer the space to you! In all honesty, from when they 'put you on the list' it seems to move extremely quickly!

    It's lovely to finally be able to countdown the days! And you'll have the same experience very soon i'm sure! :)

    1. That is exactly what I've been told! I thought i was on the list, i literally just got told by the secretary that there's nothing i can do but call up and hope for a cancellation. I almost cried- and Im in the middle of biology class too!

  3. Hey! I just came across your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I went through the same thing! I was supposed to have my surgery a year - a year and a half after I got my braces on... of course 2 years later I finally get an appointment with my surgeon :( Keep positive though, time goes by really fast once you get a date, I'm going in for surgery in 2 and a half weeks!! Good luck with everything :)

    1. Hey there! thanks for your support- all this encouragement has seriously got me out of my funk ;)

      2 and a half weeks!?! Gosh, where's your head at now? I'm not sure how I'll feel until it comes, but hey, onward and upward, I'm seeing my surgeon within the next 2 weeks, and then I'll be joining the waiting list officially (I had no idea I wasn't even technically on it yet..)

      Do you have your 'jaw surgery survival kit' ready? lol

    2. Just saw your reply! I actually don't have anything ready - but I just got really sick, I'm freaking out about being sick for surgery so that's where my head is at right now :(

      I can't imagine how frustrated you must be right now, but all I can say is keep your head up! Things will most definitely get better :)