Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let's try this again, shall we?

Right! 2nd time lucky, maybe? After my dis-appointment (ha) I'm now feeling very optimistic about my next, and dare I say it, my last brace adjustment appointment.

7th November11:20am I will find out if my teeth are ready for my surgery-braces. I'm incredibly anxious, and really just don't want more bad news and delays.

I've come back on here to read about so many of you being able to not count down, but count up from surgery, and its so exciting to be able to see your journeys. You've all shared such useful information, I feel so prepared for the painful road ahead.

I want this to hurry up, but I really hope it fits around my new course at uni - I'm having such a good time!

Peace! x

There they are, still gleaming away!

Also, does anyone have Tinitus - ringing in their ear(s)? I have had it all my life - only just found out what it is, and have been told its connected to TMJD, and I've been recommended SSRI - anti-depressant(!) to help with my anxiety and somehow, the Tinitus?