Monday, 28 January 2013

Receding Gums?????

Okay, I'm freaking out.

I noticed this whilst I was checking my teeth on the train after eating some candy - and I noticed this dark 'ring/outline' around the bottom edge of one of my teeth.

I thought ugh maybe I'd not brushed properly there somehow but when I scratched with my nail it didn't move. It's like a stain.

I showed my mom and she thinks my gum has receded!

I'm terrified and don't know how to prevent/stop this or even why its happening. I have an appointment on Friday to fix this gap I mentioned the other day, and I'm definitely going to talk about this. 

I'm so worried. I look after my teeth crazy well - why is this happening now?

It's hard to see, which is why I've blown this lovely image up so large. It's literally a dark outline on my bottom canine. 

If you click on the photo and zoom (its not pretty, I know) you can see what I'm talking about

Has anyone else experienced receding gums? what happened? why did it happen? and did it stop???

arghh I need to calm down and sleep. Good night Bloggers! x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

'Return of the Gap'/ Photo update

Right! since my last appointment - where no adjustments were made, only metal chain runners designed to maintain the current position of my teeth as I need no more adjustments, I have noticed a gap forming between my front teeth at the bottom.

This is the very gap that set me back 2 months and was the cause of my surgery being postponed.

(above) My bite 16th december - the day of my last adjustment - no gap.

(Above) My bite today- its hard to see, but the gap is large enough for my fingernail to fit between.

Its not just me is it?

I'm not taking any chances, so I called and set up an SOS appointment for 1st of February and I won't leave until they promise me they have fixed it and there will be NO MORE DELAYS!!!


So, to sum up, everything's pretty normal, still have my silly jaw, still hate it, getting so so fed up and restless now, but hey, I've waited this long, I can wait a few more months can't I? 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I'm ready? Lets go then!

Right, lets blast through this!

Appointment today:

  • 1pm - Impressions - I didn't choke this time (yay) but my ortho (another locum) had the stupidest idea of taking my impressions BEFORE removing my wires which meant I then had to lie there, gagging on the bits of rubber which fell from wires as he removed them... I was not a happy bunny.
  • 4pm - Impression review - They have told me that my teeth are done, I repeat DONE needing any adjustments and that I won't need any more orthodontic treatment. The casts of my teeth fit perfectly into the predicted post-surgery position and for now, I have been fitted with some thin wiring to prevent any further movement.
  • 4.35pm - Xrays - I had 2 xrays taken and then was called back to compare them with my original xrays - I'm told that everything is fine and I'm still just having my lower jaw operated on, as opposed to double - this again was offered to me today, but I just want to finish this - it would take another years worth of orthodontics to get my upper teeth ready for surgery!!!
  • 5pm - Photographs - I had my photographs taken at very specific angles (45* 90* etc) and then profiles before I had to have those horrible plastic things in my mouth, stretching out my lips for some up close photography.


I am done with the ortho department - I am now waiting for my appointment to come through at the Joint clinic where I will once again meet my surgeon and discuss the plans for my face.

Although I'm feeling positive now, I was devastated at first, as this appointment could reach me as late as March - a month after my last surgery date 'prediction' (I wish they wouldn't give me any more estimates as its too heartbreaking when the date passes and it doesn't happen!!) But it could also be a lot earlier. 

I don't know. 

What I do know is that there will be no more wondering if my teeth are going to be ready this time - that parts over. I will know a surgery date soon enough, and until then I'm gonna try try try to focus on anything but surgery.... yeah like that will happen right?

I'll do some nice toothy-photo updates tomorrow - I just attempted to eat a bonbon and its not a pretty sight!

Good night, my bracey-bloggers! :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Two more sleeps...

One more day until I (hopefully) get the all clear and am given a date for surgery.

(I'm really ill with a chest infection at the moment - this had better be gone by then otherwise they might not see me!)

Still, lets stay positive!

Goodnight, and then its one more sleep... :D

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Home sweet home...Now can I go back?

Afternoon! I've been rather MIA as I've had the most amazing week skiing in Morzine! It was my first time travelling alone, and it was really good for me with all the rediscovering of myself and that.

And now I'm gonna bombard you with photos cause I can't explain how awesome and beautiful it was!

I hadn't skiied in 6 years, but I was soon on the red slopes with a new great friend I met there - I was glad she was there alone too, we'd have both been pretty lonely otherwise (despite all the free drinks from the GORGEOUS guys on resort!) 

Back to real life! 

I have (dare I say it again) my evaluation pre-opp appointment on wednesday, where, once again they will decided if my teeth are ready for surgery in a month. but I'm crazy ill right now with a chest infection! and it better go away before then otherwise they won't see me!!

Hope everyone is well - Meagan your recovery is coming along so fast!!

Have a good day! 

Friday, 4 January 2013

*Raise's Glass* I'd like to thank all the bullies...

A post by blogger, Corrinne  got me thinking about how I used to feel about my face, and why I'm where I am today.

I used to be afraid to talk about my jaw, because if you talk about something, you give others permission to talk about it too- my family included. Kids at my school had enjoyed publicly humiliating me, a particularly bold class mate said my face was the shape of a foot, due to its asymmetry, and so kindly pointed this out to the whole class. Other significantly younger students have said my chin looked like a ..ahem, for use of a better word, penis! 

I never wanted to draw attention to my face, I think that's why I bite my nails - so that my hand is covering my mouth. I tried not to smile in class, and my eye contact, is STILL atrocious. I just felt like everyone was looking at it, everyone knew it looked weird. I couldn't bare to discuss this with my family because again, I was scared to have anyone else essentially agreeing with the bullies. 

Other than being referred to the Birmingham dental hospital for the TMJD (clicky, locking activity going on in my right jaw!) I hadn't addressed the cosmetic factor of my jaw, and always thought I'd never be considered an important enough case for surgery.

I have to thank one girl in particular, she found out her ex boyfriend liked me and she tagged me in a post on Facebook which said 'If I knew he liked it so much, I'd have grown a massive f**k-off chin like that.' If it wasn't for her harsh words, I wouldn't have had the courage to finally tell my parents how much this bothered me, and wouldn't have booked my first jaw consultation. Thanks again!

So here I am! - years away from the name calling of 2002-2007 and just 2 months away from having the courage to maintain eye contact with people because I'll have nothing to fear, but you know, even if I wasn't having this surgery, I wouldn't be afraid any more  You realise how childish people are as youths, and in the 'grown up world' it is (hopefully) very rare anyone would treat you that was just for looking slightly different.

Although it might not have began this way, I can happily say, that I'm having this surgery for ME and me alone, not to give them something prettier to look at ;)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

'SOS' Brace Appointment

Hey so after being unable to get in at the emergency dentist over the weekend to get the wire which had slipped in to my gum cut down, I spent 2 days in agony. 

I finally managed to get in at the hospital to see a locum orthodontist at 12.20pm yesterday. I already had a hospital appointment at a different hospital at 10.15am to see a consultant about the tinitis in my ear.

They are miles apart so it was a push to make them both. I waited over 2 hours at the tinitis appointment and still hadn't been seen, so I had to leave and ask to be rescheduled. what a waste of time.

I made it to my SOS brace appointment just in time, and was seen by the same nice ortho/surgeon as last time. he changed my braces and also let me know that .....


I have a double appointment booked for the 16th!! 1.30pm for my impressions to be taken, then back at 4pm to get the results and decision from my surgeon!!! I'm so excited, its given me that little boost to stay positive, and I really hope its still ready for February like they said.

Happy New Year, Guys! :)