Thursday, 24 January 2013

'Return of the Gap'/ Photo update

Right! since my last appointment - where no adjustments were made, only metal chain runners designed to maintain the current position of my teeth as I need no more adjustments, I have noticed a gap forming between my front teeth at the bottom.

This is the very gap that set me back 2 months and was the cause of my surgery being postponed.

(above) My bite 16th december - the day of my last adjustment - no gap.

(Above) My bite today- its hard to see, but the gap is large enough for my fingernail to fit between.

Its not just me is it?

I'm not taking any chances, so I called and set up an SOS appointment for 1st of February and I won't leave until they promise me they have fixed it and there will be NO MORE DELAYS!!!


So, to sum up, everything's pretty normal, still have my silly jaw, still hate it, getting so so fed up and restless now, but hey, I've waited this long, I can wait a few more months can't I? 


  1. Those gaps are such a pain, I had recurring gap back in the day too :(
    I'm so excited for you though, you're such a beautiful girl and you're going to be so happy with the surgery. Hope your TMJ isn't giving you too many issues with all the movement pre surgery.

    1. Gosh, you're too kind!

      Thanks, and the TMJ is just the same as usual but right now I'm freaking out as one of my teeth appears to have a receding gum line - I just posted a photo of it for opinions. I really hope this is wrong, or there is something the ortho can do about it.

      Have you had anything like this? Or do you know of anyone else who has had this?

      *You seem well now and look stunning as usual!

  2. Hey I just responded to your new post but I have the same issue :(
    Mines pretty bad though so hopefully they don't have to do surgery for yours.
    I'll post a picture on my blog to show how mines receded.