Thursday, 17 January 2013

I'm ready? Lets go then!

Right, lets blast through this!

Appointment today:

  • 1pm - Impressions - I didn't choke this time (yay) but my ortho (another locum) had the stupidest idea of taking my impressions BEFORE removing my wires which meant I then had to lie there, gagging on the bits of rubber which fell from wires as he removed them... I was not a happy bunny.
  • 4pm - Impression review - They have told me that my teeth are done, I repeat DONE needing any adjustments and that I won't need any more orthodontic treatment. The casts of my teeth fit perfectly into the predicted post-surgery position and for now, I have been fitted with some thin wiring to prevent any further movement.
  • 4.35pm - Xrays - I had 2 xrays taken and then was called back to compare them with my original xrays - I'm told that everything is fine and I'm still just having my lower jaw operated on, as opposed to double - this again was offered to me today, but I just want to finish this - it would take another years worth of orthodontics to get my upper teeth ready for surgery!!!
  • 5pm - Photographs - I had my photographs taken at very specific angles (45* 90* etc) and then profiles before I had to have those horrible plastic things in my mouth, stretching out my lips for some up close photography.


I am done with the ortho department - I am now waiting for my appointment to come through at the Joint clinic where I will once again meet my surgeon and discuss the plans for my face.

Although I'm feeling positive now, I was devastated at first, as this appointment could reach me as late as March - a month after my last surgery date 'prediction' (I wish they wouldn't give me any more estimates as its too heartbreaking when the date passes and it doesn't happen!!) But it could also be a lot earlier. 

I don't know. 

What I do know is that there will be no more wondering if my teeth are going to be ready this time - that parts over. I will know a surgery date soon enough, and until then I'm gonna try try try to focus on anything but surgery.... yeah like that will happen right?

I'll do some nice toothy-photo updates tomorrow - I just attempted to eat a bonbon and its not a pretty sight!

Good night, my bracey-bloggers! :)


  1. Yaaaay! Congratulations Sophie! Must be a brilliant feeling knowing that you've achieved surgery ready teeth. I hope your date comes through quickly for you! x

    1. Thank you, it is a good feeling now that I've stopped being in a mood about the day in general!

      I'm just trying not to focus on it now - which will be hard when I'm on here reading everyone's posts twice a day! x