Sunday, 13 January 2013

Home sweet home...Now can I go back?

Afternoon! I've been rather MIA as I've had the most amazing week skiing in Morzine! It was my first time travelling alone, and it was really good for me with all the rediscovering of myself and that.

And now I'm gonna bombard you with photos cause I can't explain how awesome and beautiful it was!

I hadn't skiied in 6 years, but I was soon on the red slopes with a new great friend I met there - I was glad she was there alone too, we'd have both been pretty lonely otherwise (despite all the free drinks from the GORGEOUS guys on resort!) 

Back to real life! 

I have (dare I say it again) my evaluation pre-opp appointment on wednesday, where, once again they will decided if my teeth are ready for surgery in a month. but I'm crazy ill right now with a chest infection! and it better go away before then otherwise they won't see me!!

Hope everyone is well - Meagan your recovery is coming along so fast!!

Have a good day! 

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