Monday, 28 January 2013

Receding Gums?????

Okay, I'm freaking out.

I noticed this whilst I was checking my teeth on the train after eating some candy - and I noticed this dark 'ring/outline' around the bottom edge of one of my teeth.

I thought ugh maybe I'd not brushed properly there somehow but when I scratched with my nail it didn't move. It's like a stain.

I showed my mom and she thinks my gum has receded!

I'm terrified and don't know how to prevent/stop this or even why its happening. I have an appointment on Friday to fix this gap I mentioned the other day, and I'm definitely going to talk about this. 

I'm so worried. I look after my teeth crazy well - why is this happening now?

It's hard to see, which is why I've blown this lovely image up so large. It's literally a dark outline on my bottom canine. 

If you click on the photo and zoom (its not pretty, I know) you can see what I'm talking about

Has anyone else experienced receding gums? what happened? why did it happen? and did it stop???

arghh I need to calm down and sleep. Good night Bloggers! x


  1. Hey Sophie, I have the same issue, sadly i need to have gum grafting surgery.
    I have lost a ton of gums on all my from bottom teeth since being back in braces and having jaw surgery. I've talked to a few people who have had the same problem with jaw surgery and braces. hopefully they can prevent it from getting any worse. My surgeon is just letting it be until everything is healed and all the metal is off, then I'll have to have the grafting to fix the gum loss.

    1. That's so scary terra, i really hope they can sort it for you- for everyone, I've just notice the inside of my front bottom ones has done the same!

  2. I first noticed receding gumlines on my upper canines about a year ago (at least 6 months BEFORE I got braces, so I know the braces didn't cause it). I've heard from my orthodontist and surgeon that having a malocclusion can actually cause this. I'm not sure how; teeth are really complex and mysterious sometimes! Something to do with how the teeth hit each other, the pressure, etc.

    My surgeon says that surgery will likely help prevent further gum recession in my case; but I've heard of other patients whose gum recession got worse after surgery.

    Alternatively, brushing too vigorously can push back your gum line, so you'll want to be careful from now on. Don't brush straight up and down, remember to use circular motions.

    1. I'm still really worried - its all I'm thinking about. And as for brushing, I brush my teeth about 4x a day or when I eat, but now I'm concerned about over brushing, so I'm avoiding any food that will mess my teeth up.

      I also have noticed that in the tiny gap of exposed tooth on the molar with the brackets, one of my teeth is very sensitive to brushing and to touch. I know there is no way this is through lack of care so I'm thinking it could be some enamel wearing. I can tell my ortho all this at my SOS appointment on friday.

      Thank you guys, and I hope your recession stops and doesn't cause any more problems.

  3. Hi Sophie, I know how awful it is to worry about your teeth - I'm close to losing my four front uppers through root damage.
    Like you, it is all I can think about at the moment. I really do offer you so much empathy while you go through this. It is made so much worse when you have always taken good care of your teeth too. It makes you think 'why me? What have I done to deserve this?' It seems so unfair.
    I have my fingers crossed for you, that everything works out fine x

    1. Oh wow, I'm really sorry to hear that it appears to be so bad for you - I feel like I'm complaining for nothing after hearing all these stories!
      But I understand that it could easily get worse and then become a problem.
      I really hope this can be stopped/prevented/cured! for all of us x

  4. My gums have recessed too - I used to cry all the time thinking about the possibility of loosing my teeth.
    I really need a surgery to fix this problem.

  5. Hi, I came across this picture after looking up gum recession. This morning I noticed my gums bleeding after brushing, and my teeth look kinda like yours, with the bottom portion of the lower teeth exposed, with un explained stains (since I brush 2-3 times a day) This is so scary :(
    I cant wait till my july 27 appt. to ask my dentist about this.
    Have you gotten any feedback since January?

    1. Hey Ruben,

      Yeah I showed my orthodontist, he said yes it is receding, but it was nothing to worry about as this happens when you force teeth to move - but it also happens for other reasons too like diet, age, vigorous brushing and even pregnancy!

      I would say definetly let your dentist know your concerned, they will be able to tell you if anything is needed to be done about it.

      It's usually very minimal, and will not increase anymore, but significant receding can weaken the teeth and as Corrinne Said, can lead to being at risk of loosing your teeth.

      Good luck on the 27th, hope this helped!


  6. I too have the exact same issue as you having removed teeth (overcrowding), braces and jaw surgery due to both underbite & crossbite.

    I noticed a gum recession after jaw surgery - roughly 6 months after (and silly as I am) ignored it. It's been 2 years since and now have to take multiple dentist visits to figure out how to stop it :(

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