Tuesday, 1 January 2013

'SOS' Brace Appointment

Hey so after being unable to get in at the emergency dentist over the weekend to get the wire which had slipped in to my gum cut down, I spent 2 days in agony. 

I finally managed to get in at the hospital to see a locum orthodontist at 12.20pm yesterday. I already had a hospital appointment at a different hospital at 10.15am to see a consultant about the tinitis in my ear.

They are miles apart so it was a push to make them both. I waited over 2 hours at the tinitis appointment and still hadn't been seen, so I had to leave and ask to be rescheduled. what a waste of time.

I made it to my SOS brace appointment just in time, and was seen by the same nice ortho/surgeon as last time. he changed my braces and also let me know that .....


I have a double appointment booked for the 16th!! 1.30pm for my impressions to be taken, then back at 4pm to get the results and decision from my surgeon!!! I'm so excited, its given me that little boost to stay positive, and I really hope its still ready for February like they said.

Happy New Year, Guys! :)