Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 6 - It gets better

It definitely gets better!

Yesterday I left the house for the first time since coming home from hospital, Tom and I took the dogs for a walk in the woods at 8pm so it was quiet and I didn't feel self-conscious.

 This was the first time I felt I looked normal, I'm still all lumpy, bruised and swollen but I have some definition to my jaw unlike all the previous days. 

Today I managed to brush all of my teeth properly- it was pretty gross! 

But I also found my stitches! They run along side my gums to the back of my mouth, and my right side has started to bleed a little- probably just due to the movement I can do now.

My jaw keeps locking- as it has done post-op, but until today I'd left it along as I'm scared I'll do some damage, but I'd had enough of the stiffness so I just cracked it.


The relief of being able to open my mouth a little wider was amazing. 

How I'm doing!


Pain in one way is at it's lowest today, as I slept right through until 11am, as opposed to waking to have my next pain killers at 6am as I have been doing. My stitches are throbbing today, and it kinda stings when I use my antiseptic mouthwash. despite this, I've only had two co-codamols and no ibuprofen inbetween, so it must be getting better.


I've eaten the most as of yet,
-half a slimfast shake
-1/3 wheatabix
-cups of tea
-soft bits of bread with houmus + soup
-and kind of a roast dinner with my family, which was mash potatoes, gravy, and cauliflower cheese 

I weighed myself and I've actually lost 11lbs since last sunday! Nice little bonus, I'll try and keep it up!

I have 2 appointments coming up, one next Wednesday, 24th July at the hospital I had my surgery at for a check up. Then on Friday 26th July at the manor- where I've been having my ortho work done.

Hopefully I can open my mouth wide enough for them to see in by then!

Right, Tom went home today so I'm gonna have an early night.

See you later!


  1. WOW! Your swelling has come down quite a bit! You look great! That's awesome you were able to go hiking. I went for a walk around the block today.... I was super self conscious. My yellow and purple face. EEK. I am so jealous that you are eating "real" foods!

    1. (late reply I know - I try to reply to all comments eventually! lol)

      I know exactly what you mean - the day after these photos I had to accompany Tom to the train station to say bye and I felt safe and secure whilst he was here, but then as I waved bye and went to leave, I felt very vulnerable and like everyone was looking at me - I wanted to shout to everyone 'I'VE JUST HAD JAW SURGERY'!!