Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 7/ Day 8

Good evening bloggers,

Day 6

so... not much happened today except that I felt ill! Not even jaw-pain ill, just sick ill, and I was really worried about being sick, as I really don't want that when I can barely open my mouth!

Pain is minimal again which is good, and I've been on paracetamol and just 2 co-codamol tablets which is good.

I've been very stir crazy today as I've been bored and just wanted to sleep through the nausea and also feeling very sad and helpless as my 12 year old, seizure-prone cat, Biddy is missing, She wandered off and is generally very disoriented so she is unable to find her way back. I hope she's okay but I'm not full of confidence.

Day 7

I spent a good chunk of the day searching my neighborhood for my cat as those of you in the UK may have experience, we had horrendous thunderstorm, which woke me at 5 am, and all I could think of was the face that she's out in that - if she's still alive...

The doors I knocked on, those that answered, I could see them straining to understand me- my family have become tuned in to my clumbsy undefined speech but to strangers I found myself compelled to defend myself and blurt out 'I just had jaw surgery!' Most were understanding.

Today I had no jaw pain or discomfort when I woke, except a headache and I could feel my pulse in my gums where my stitches are.

Speaking of stitches.... I've found something strange! Where the stitches in my left side come over my gum where my wisdom teeth once were, there is a plastic like, cellophane kinda material just attached by stitches! I didn't notice this before as I didn't have enough movement in my tongue or mouth to feel that far back but I honestly have no idea if it's supposed to be there or not. I'm half expecting to be told at my check up tomorrow that they stitched some packaging in my accident!

So yeah, appointment at half ten tomorrow, hopefully they'll be pleased with my recovery and healing and they'll be nothing else that I have to have done.

Here's my latest on swelling and bruising - it's still very confined to the one side - which is irritating as I've just got rid of asymmetry and now I have it cause of this lol!

My chin is starting to regain feeling- it's very very itchy! my lip is going down now, and doesn't feel so poofy, but is still mostly numb.

Oh, and I've officially lost a stone now! I don't feel any different really.... ~I'll keep it up though! I needed this as a boost!

See you tomorrow, hope you're all well x


  1. Your bite looks fantastic! I love that no matter the pain and nausea you are feeling right now you are still smiling :) you are so strong !

    1. I tried to smile from the moment I came round - I've been very positive and you know I think that helped a great deal!

  2. You are looking great. Oh and I hope you find your cat!

    1. She found her way back a few days ago - fit and better than ever! I've no idea where she'd been but hey, it did the trick!

      Thanks! xx

  3. Good to see you smiling! Hope your cat is ok x

    1. Found her the day before I went to Peterborough - she just came strolling in like nothing had happened!

      I've had bad phone problems which meant I had to reset my phone, can you text me so I have your number again? xxx