Thursday, 4 July 2013

10 Days to with surgeon in a few hours...can't sleep!!!

I think my post title is self explanatory,

I've spent the last few hours reading all your blogs and looking at footage of corrective jaw surgery - it's pretty gross lol.

I'm really tired..working nights since I was 17 has really screwed my sleeping pattern up, this surgery will get me some much needed rack-time! 

I think I'll upload a little video soon, cause I wanna get used to posting those as well as photos after surgery - it's nice when you can put a voice to a face :) oh, and I'll let you hear how loud my jaw cracks!

Right, I've procrastinated too much, off to bed, will let you know how my meeting with my surgeon goes tomorrow... or erm, today rather!

Good night!!


  1. Good luck Sophie! Hope it goes well today, will be thinking of you! xxx

  2. I know how you feel! Hope you get some sleep:) Very exciting!

  3. Good Luck! It's so exciting :D