Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 3/ Day 4 Recap/ Start of Day 5/ Medication and food!

Good afternoon guys!

As you can see, I'm posting a day late, a few days at a time. This is partly due to laziness, and because that way I get to post a more detailed account instead of half the day and what not.

Day 3
Wednesday 17th July
Bruising is still very dark today

So Tom arrived at my door today! It was so nice to see him again - and although I'd skyped with him in the hospital, so he'd already seen my face, today I was alot more swollen and I felt very conscious of him looking at me! He doesn't seem to mind though - he's pretty great like that!

I spent all day lying in bed with him, and watched a whole season of Sons of Anarchy! Very productive :P


So I still felt pretty good this day, I had:
- a glass of slim fast banana shake
-half a bag of crushed Skips
-cups of tea here and there
-lots of water (I've peed so much lol)
-few spoons of cheese and potato pie from yesterday
-frubes x2

Pain Management

-I was given co-codamol for pain relief, 1 tablet x4 a day
-some gigantic antibiotic pill 1 tablet x3 a day
-and I bought some ibuprofen which I can take with the co-codamol, so I've been staggering the pills, taking the ibu half way through my dose of co-codamol, and it's been pretty good. 

The only thing which is very frustrating is my lips- they're not quite numb, just very tingly, and the corners of my mouth are a little torn and sore from being stretched so I'm smothering on vaseline. at the momment this is the most painful - which is good in the scheme of things!

Day 4
Thursday 18th July

 I'm sad. it hurts to smile today

So today was not so good
Although I've been sleeping from through until about 7am, then taking meds and mouthwash and then going back to sleep until about 12pm, I was exceptionally uncomfortably today.

If anything, it's more like what I thought I'd feel like, as I feel I'd been very lucky until now.

Main pain was my lips, and my throat, as it's very scratched and sore from having the breathing stuff down it for 2 hours! 

I didn't even try and eat today, 


-I managed a few cups of hot lemonade and honey
-half a slim fast shake
-half a cup of soup - chicken flavor lol, it didn't hurt my throat

My throat was so sore I couldn't even manage a lot of water or yoghurt.

Oh, and probably the most annoying thing right now, is that my front teeth rest digging in to my bottom lip - which, although I can't feel it right now, its full of ulcers and will definitely hurt when the feeling comes back!

I even had a little cry from frustration but then it was starting to make my throat worse so I stopped.

Day 5 as of now

my poor lip! But I'm still crazy happy with my jaw results

I can smile today, feel a lot more content, and I ate some wheatabix and tea :)

The bruising is very yellow- which hopefully means it won't be around much longer

Really happy that Heather's surgery went well! We'll keep each other company through recovery :P

Bottom line - 
Still no regrets! and frozen peas work miracles! 

See you tomorrow :)


  1. congrats on getting through the surgery! i am currently 11 days post op and it has been quite a ride! good luck with recovery!

    1. Thank you Nella, the days are flying by!

      I can't wait to reach the two week mark!

      Hope everything keeps going well for you

  2. I kept trying to comment yesterday on my ipad and it was not having it! : ( So glad you are doing better. Yesterday (day 3) so far has been the hardest for me. Well I shouldn't say anything yet. I am so jealous that you are not wired shut! I am having such a difficult time getting anything through the teeth wired shut and splint. Hope you are doing good today!!