Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 19...I missed like, 7 whole days!

Woahhh it seems I've missed a few days huh!

Well, I went to Peterborough For a few days for Toms Birthday, and didn't have my laptop so I couldn't blog and it's useless using the app on my phone. But I'm here now! with a bunch of pictures and some awesome news!

I'm getting my braces off in less than a month!!!

I had my appointment yesterday, to see how my teeth are coming along with using the elastics. They're so annoying - they snap when I'm eating and fly off in all directions so I started just taking them off to eat and clean my teeth, otherwise the two are very difficult tasks.

I honestly thought I wouldn't have done a very good job with them, considering how many I broke and how many hours I spent with out them in! But it's good all round really, he says there's just one small gap on my right back teeth that needs closing so I can bite better, but they all keep saying they can't believe how well I've recovered, and that they'd have never guessed I'd had surgery 18 days ago. He says he told me originally I'd have my braces off in 9 months minimum cause he honestly thought it would take that long, but he says they're ready so it's the best news ever - I'll be moving to my new shared house, and starting my 1st year of uni with no metal in my face besides my piercings!

All my bruising has gone, and I have next to no tenderness to touch, and no pain at all in the mornings - I've been off pain killers for a week now, just took a few when I first started wearing my elastics as they hurt so bad - like when we first start braces treatment and have to wear spacers, that kind of claustrophobic pain. But that's gone now, and I only have to wear my elastics a little longer as I have an appointment on the 13th August with my ortho and my surgeon - probably to discuss getting my braces off and to make plans for a retainer and such. I also had some Xrays taken but I'm assuming all is fine and nothing has moved or broken in my face as I feel fine and they hadn't contacted me.

I still have some swelling as you'll see in the photos, but I feel great and have started being able to chew other foods - still no luck with vegetables as they don't seem to grind up lol but its going well! And I've tried to be good and stick to my diet as I'd lost over a stone in the first few weeks, which has managed to stay off - I'm gonna start exercising as soon as I can.

Numbness is still there - feeling is coming back very gradually. I can feel all of one side of my bottom lip, and next to nothing of the other, and my chin is still pretty numb - not numb enough that my spots don't hurt though!

My stitches were driving me crazy as they were really long and got in the way when I ate, so I trimmed them down, and now they're falling out anyway which means I'm almost healed inside. My gums at the back feel pretty gross and lumpy but hey, I'm not complaining as they're not hurting me!

All in all, I'll still say it - It's been no where near as bad as I thought it would be!

But I know that everyone is different, and everyone recovers at different rates, and I also know that only having one jaw done as opposed to the double jaw surgery I was originally going to have makes a huge difference in terms of swelling and bruising etc.

So there you go, not a lot has happened - unlike Natasha! with your new house! That's brilliant! xxx

Keep blogging - I love reading about how you're all getting on! 

Swelling on my left is still very annoying as it doesn't help my face look symmetrical! But I know that it is now cause I can feel it :)

Still so so happy, and still believe it's all been worth it!


  1. Congratulations on getting your braces off in a month! I am so excited for you!

  2. Not a lot has happened?!!!! Miss Sophie Leigh you are getting your braces off very soon! That is a hell of a lot that has happened! :-)

    Thanks for the congratulations on the house! xxx

  3. Omg yay!Im 18 years old and i have the same Problem u had.. I Don't even know where to start.. My mom days im just being over dramatic but when i show her a picture she clearly sees the Problem. My face is slanted which causes my smile yo be crooked im not sure if i was born that way and it just gets Noticeable over the years. Please help!!how did u come in contact with a specialist in this situation.. How much was the surgery? Im sorry for the bother but ive been doing research for over a year;(

    1. Hi Vanny- super late reply! My surgery was done on the nhs so it ment i had to wait a hell of a long time but it was free instead of the £3500-£5500 it would have cost going private!

      I simply asked my dr for a referral to a surgeon as I had very painful clicking and locking in my jaw as well as the aesthetics aspect.

      Have you managed to get yours sorted?