Friday, 16 August 2013

One Month been and gone! Day 32 Before and Afters Photos!

Well well well, one whole month

I can't beleive how fast this has all gone! 
This time one month ago, I had been home for 4 hours and was sitting comfortably on the seate with a bag of frozen peas on my face trying to fit a yogurt frube between my swollen lips! 

So much has happened since then, I've had ups and downs in recovery, thankfully mostly ups, I've learnt to eat with a babyspoon and drink cups of tea through a straw, I've had my teeth pulled about with elastics and the best of all I've been told a date for de-bracing!

Pain, chewing, numbness, swelling and smiling to date

Right, I've actually had a little pain recently! I think it has something to do with being back at work and having to take orders for 8 hours straight which strained my jaw before surgery let alone now. I think I over did it on the chewing too so I'm stepping back to softer things - i don't mind really at all.

I'm starting to get feeling back in the right side of my chin and lip which has been the most numb so far - it's very annoying as it's tingly and itchy - but when it itches and i go to scratch where my brain thinks the itch's not there! So I have to go hunting for my itch, and scratch all of my face. But it's good -it means its healing.

Learnt something interesting about my swelling!

As has been clear from day 1 post op, I have has significantly more swelling on my left than my right. My left side is quite hard and still swollen in comparison to my right which feels thin and sort of lumpy (where the metal/ plates are)

My surgeon told me that my left is larger right now because it's all the muscle which was left over - they shortened my jaw but obviously can not remove muscle! So right now it's sitting there like a bunched-up rug on the floor, waiting to be smoothed out - or, settle down as he put it. So in time, my left side will lose muscle mass and hopefully my right will gain it as it works in rhythm with my left. Neat huh! :)

I feel comfortable to smile again - I do it all the time and to everyone. I forget when I'm out now that I ever had surgery, because I feel normal, not vulnerable  and even with this little muscle/swelling I know that no one can notice.

So I thought it's time for some before and afters - I haven't really looked at any of these since last year, and I can really tell the difference - 4 mm makes a heck of a difference! I have no teeth photos from pre-brace era so I've started from about a year with braces- as that's when my teeth changed the most. Enjoy!

2012-01-26 - braces for about a year

2012-05 about - underbite just developing

2012- 09-13 - starting my new university as a braceface :(


2013-08-15 - one month post op!!!! swelling is still present, but I can completely feel and see the difference

I'm still so happy with my results, even if some people can't tell (I've been told I don't look any different by some people) And I'm so happy that the majoriety of my brace bloggers' surgerys are moving forward! I can't wait to hear your experiences. 

My posting has slowed down, but I'm still reading all of your stories, and I'll letcha know if anything important happens! 

Those of you who aren't working, enjoy the weekend! And if you are, I feel for you!



  1. Totally see the difference! Your lower jaw looks like it was moved perfectly into a natural position! You look amazing! Do you still feel swollen? It looks like your swelling is almost gone! : ) Have an amazing weekend!

  2. I agree with Heather - the difference is great! I'm really pleased for you that your recovery has been steady and that everything is going well :) x

  3. You and all the others in recovery look beyond amazing. I can totally tell the difference, your jaw line looks great! Hope all is well :)

  4. Wow, I've been googling jaw surgery patients to get an idea of everyone's recovery timeline, and I just realized we had jaw surgery the exact same day! How crazy is that! I guess I know exactly where you are in your recovery, lol. My progress seems pretty similar to yours from what I read on your one month update. I've noticed over just the past week, though, a lot of progress too. Yesterday, I advanced back to my regular toothbrush! Which basically means, I can open my mouth bigger comfortably. Best wishes to you in your recovery!