Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 42/ My first birthday with a new face!!!

It was my birthdayyyyy !!! Saturday 24th August

I'm now 22 years young ;) and I was very excited to show off my new, less swollen face. 

The previous week was my parents 25th wedding anniversary, and as it was silver, they threw a party - the only day free was my birthday so I shared it with them :)

Here's a few pics from the night

Aiden, Bojo and my face :)

I'm still so nervous when photos are taken

Bojo and my boyfriend Tom :)

 Friends and family 

My dad and Mom 

 The previous Saturday was a goodbye party as me and my cousin, Olivia, leave for uni, she's off to Bangor, and I'm off to Stoke-on-Trent

I had a great time, and so did Tom - it was his first time meeting all my relatives - I think he made a good impression ;) 

Now then, back to all this face business!

I do actually have a complaint, I'm starting to get some sensation back in my chin which is getting me down as it's so horrible. It twitches and twinges, and feels like electric shocks, or someone flicking my in the face.
my gums are still completely numb on the bottom which makes me not know how hard I'm brushing my teeth.

I only have to wear my one set of elastics at night now, which leave my teeth free in the day.

I have an OFFICIAL de-brace date!

Tuesday 17th September! 9.30am to have my braces removed, and impressions taken, then back at 4.30pm to get my retainer fitted - I'm excited!

ALSO, I move out in 5 days! Moving to a shared house with 3 other class mates, and Tom :) I can't wait!

But for now, I'm off to bed as I've just got back from the night shift, and I'm back at work at 11am tomorrow :(

Night guys, I'll catch up with you all soon x


  1. What a great post Sophie, I'm really happy that everything is falling into place for you. And you look great! :) x

  2. Wow Sophie - so much excitement and new beginnings!! It all sounds fantastic & you look SO happy. Great news & lots to look forward to! Cheers, Ellie

  3. What an exciting time for you,

    Surgery over, you're moving out (and in with tom!) - new place, new start, new everything. You must be on top of the world

    Well done lady!

    s x

  4. You look incredible and so cute! I'm about 4 months post op...and can't really smile yet. Yours looks great!

  5. How are you now, Sophie? I hope you got your feeling back on your chin! How does it feel to have your braces removed? I had mine removed a couple of years ago, and all I can say is the sensation sure was different. If ever you have any plans on having surgeries again in the future, you can be rest assured that there are clinics that will be more than happy to assist you.

    Alejandro Quiroz@CosMedClinic