Thursday, 2 May 2013

So... I have a date for surgery!

Driving home from the joint clinic, saw my surgeon and my new consultant, and he says there is a cancellation on July 15.

July 15 is now my favorite date ever.

I will have 2 appointments, 1 to change my braces to surgical ones, and 1 to make a 3d wafer.
He said i most likely will have plates as opposed to wires as my jaw will only be moved back 4mm, and 4mm rotation, and i will be in hospital over night.
Can not wait. I actually feel a little out of it with relief right now, so Im gona have a cup of tea and get back to you when I've calmed down ;) ;) ;)


  1. Yay so happy for you! Let the food countdown begin! :) It will come around so fast!

    If you get surgical hooks but on make sure you invest in lots of that wax stuff because they start to cut into your gums again!

    Massive good luck! I've followed you so will look forward to seeing your progress :)


  2. WOOHOO! Yay for you Sophie Leigh; a surgery date; a new man; what's the third awesome thing going to be????

  3. Woohoo! It's going to come up fast! (I'm 13 days post-op!).

    Good luck!