Friday, 31 May 2013

I'm fashioning some new ready!!!

Today was so exciting!!!

Had my last adjustments made today! Was my longest appointment ever, took about an hour.

  • I had my pink bands removed 
  • My wire was taken out and some very attractive surgical hooks were added
  • I had two sets of impressions taken - first lot failed cause the room temperature was too high and the clay set before it was properly done
  • Two of my back molars were filled down....this came as a shock as he didn't discuss this with me, just started fillin' away! But apparently they were too pointy and would have dug in to my teeth once aligned
  • I had to bite on to a kinda wax/clay mould whilst holding a metal frame over my head and some new guy came in and turned lots of dials and screws and then wrote down said measurments and then fitted this to a frame which apparently is to made this 3D 'wafer' 
The 15th July is DEFINITELY mine! All mine!

I will be seeing my surgeon once more in 3 weeks after this 3D thing is made, and then that's it! All systems a go :)

I'd forgotten what my teeth looked like under all that metal!

My wires had not been removed since before CHRISTMAS! It was so nice to get them properly cleaned!

The finished result of the day - I'm full of metal - no bands, just wires and hooks! They hurt like hell against my lips right now! But it's okay! This is a good pain cause it means I'm almost there :)

Now! I'd better go as I've got a little packing to do as I'm spending 2 weeks at my new boyfriends house whilst his family are away ... yup, I'm pretty loved-up right now :) I can't wait for this surgery also, so that he can come down and look after me, I told him he needs to provide me with those yogurt things I had as a kid called 'Frubes' and give me lots of attention whilst I feel sorry for myself :)

Tom doesn't seem to be phased by my metal mouth!! 

Have a good weekend everyone!!! Keep posting cause seriously, you guys get me through the days with your progress and your stories! xxx


  1. So so so happy for you! That is really exciting news and I can't wait until we get to watch your journey. Congrats on the new bf too - lots of TLC coming your way :) x

  2. It's going to happen! So happy for you! I can't wait to hear about your journey after surgery! Take care and eat what you can now!

  3. Great, great news Sophie-Leigh - how exciting for you!! 45 days and counting..... :)