Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lipstick and Nervousness!

I still don't quite 'get' lipstick

 I love wearing it now, but I can't eat or drink anything without wondering if its moved from where I put it! I used to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention to my face at all costs, but now that I'm that close to fixing it, I just don't care - also, the braces are immediately in your line of vision so its not really worth trying is it!

I apologise for spamming you guys with pointless pictures, but I'm really restless tonight - I have my appointment at 11 tomorrow morning, and I neeeeed good news with this one!

Wish me luck, okay?

Nervous smile!  :/


  1. Lipstick is the best, I am an avid lipstick with braces wearer. I think it sets off my shiny metal mouth quite nicely.

    Like you said your braces are right in the line of vision so I thought why not make them look prettier with a nice set of lipstick wearing lips around them.

    And I leave lipstick everywhere too, cups, pens, faces, even on the dog, it's an occupational hazard. :-)

    Good luck for today lovely! Hope it goes well.

    1. Ha on your dog!? wow.

      I've had some new, fresh pink bands put on, and I'm off to town to find a shade of lippy that will match it!

      I had a light lipstick on today at the orthodontists, and he said its good to see that you don't hide away from your braces, and winked at me. I think my cheeks went pink to match!

    2. Haha yes on my dog, if I kiss him on the head before I go out sometimes I'll end up leaving lipstick on a white patch of fur on his head.

      Hahaha, I think I like the sound of your Orthodontist! Hope the lipstick hunt went well.

    3. Erm not so much, couldn't find what i wanted so
      i ended up getting my nose pierced instead! Love that though. Yeah my dogs white which is why i don't kiss her lol.