Saturday, 3 November 2012

I just want to move forward!!

First off, Congratulations, Terra on almost one month post opp! You look amazing!

I received the 'NHS-noreply text', reminding me of my appointment next Wednesday at 11.20am - like I could forget!

I'm feeling so restless - almost distressed from being stuck with no change in my teeth for the last 2 months - because there is no change left to do! I'm just waiting for my new orthodontist to give me the okay and hand me over to my surgeon and let him work his magic.
My new ortho is fine. Great even. I just can't help but resent her for making me wait unnecessarily due to a minor miscalculation with my last brace adjustment. I don't like to hold grudges, but I never had any set backs with my last orthodontist...

I just want to get it over with, I'm not scared of the pain and discomfort, I'm scared of what the timing of this surgery will do to my life:
- If I have surgery within the next 1-2 months, I could jeopardise my college work and fall behind, but the plus side is my boyfriend is still away on his exchange study until December, and as much as I miss him, I want him to come back to the brand new me.
- If I have to wait till December or after Christmas, he'll be back, and the 4 weeks he has here until he leaves again for the academic year will be spent with me being a big swollen mess - not much fun! But the upside is that I have a better chance of being in a good recovered state to continue with college.

It's all out of my control, I know. I'll just have to put up with this orthodontic-rut I'm in for the time being, and I just pray for good news next Thursday to kick-start this journey again.

Speak to you guys next Thursday!


  1. I so understand how you feel about the torture of the waiting game. I was supposed to have surgery back in July, but I didn't get to have it. Now I'm waiting until December (which only allows me 3 weeks of recovery time before going back to school). So many disappointments when it comes to surgery sometimes. At least we know it's happening eventually though! Soon these 2.5 years in braces will be a thing of the past. We'll be hotties with perfect teeth looking back thinking "I remember THOSE days". haha

    1. GOD, I hope you're right! Don't know about you, but all I want is a little bit of symmetry in my life!
      Oh, and for once, I'd like to be the one to look good in photos, not the one TAKING all the photos!
      I just had a look at your blog, and btw, I LOOOVE your 'successful Meagan face'!

      And yeah, I just don't know when will be better, like you, I'll really be pushing it with school work, but the dignified-me doesnt want my boyfriend of 7 years to see me gross and vunerable! I know I'll have to get over that!

      I'll keep up to date with you - its nice to see someone kinda at the same point as yourself.


  2. Thank you so much for the shout out.
    It feels so good to be a month post op.
    I remember what it was like waiting for the date. It's hard because they book you for whatever works for them so you're stuck taking a date that might not be great for you. I ended up taking the term off because the surgery was 1 month into my term and I'm have to miss a month of school and in accounting that is like suicide. I'm really glad I have the time off but I know it's not always possible to have a flexible term like that.
    If you do end up stuck with surgery in the middle of school see if your surgeon can write you a letter so you can have deadlines extended as needed.
    I hope everything speeds up and you get a surgery date soon. Then the time will fly by and you'll be post op before you know it :D

    1. Hey! Yeah, I have a feeling I'll be pushing it with my course, its a forensic-biology course, and this part of it is only 27 weeks long, so I can't afford to miss any of it, but my class mates are really nice, so if I felt up to coming in, swollen or not, I'm sure they'd make me feel welcome. And as for the other predicament? I think it might have solved itself - I might not have a boyfriend when the time comes :/ x x x