Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tongue, just pick a spot, then stay put!!!

Its been 3 weeks since I last had my braces tightened and oh my god what is wrong with them!?

I mentioned that my new orthodontist had removed my plastic chain runners and provided me with some lovely, discreet wire versions (which won't change colour when I eat curry!) 

So although I'm loving this in comparison, I think I've swapped my eye-sore for a whole-mouth-sore!
I'm prone to ulcers anyway - for no reason, but this is the worst ever - and its not even my usual 1cm+ ones! They've covered the sides of my tongue because I've ended up biting it with the brackets when trying to avoid hurting my lip. 

 This photo doesn't do it justice! Its dark, and angry looking, and its making my life hell!
I couldn't speak in class all week, and can't eat. I've plastered my teeth in wax as you can see but nothing helps! I'm out of Bonjela, Anbesol, and every other useless remedy I could think of.

I just wanna brush my teeth without having to hold my lip stretched out with my other hand!

Now, I know this is nothing compared to how I'll feel post-surgery, but at least that's a good reason to be in pain - this isn't! 

My jaw has also been locking at least 7 times a day - think this is because I've been clenching my teeth without realising it due to the discomfort of this damn ulcer - it has no idea what trouble it's causing!


  1. Awww Sophie! You poor thing,maybe you should call you Orthodontist and explain that no amount of wax or bonjela is helping. You might have bit of wire sticking out or chipped a bracket or something.

    Wax is meant to help with things like that but if it's not working then I'd be straight on to my Ortho. Hope it goes away soon for you! xxx

  2. You need some "GishyGoo" google is the bomb!

    1. Just ordered some from amazon- I'll try anything once and i seriously can't go on like this anyway! Thank you so much, ill let you know how it goes!