Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A mouth full of metal!

Last week I was fitted with 4 elastic spacers, put behind the teeth that have the brackets, and today was the day they were to be removed and my braces changed.

I was worried because on Friday, 2 of the spacers came out, and I was unable to get them back in. I wasn't able to call anyone until Monday morning and then it was too late to fit me in, so there was a big possibility that I wouldn't be having the treatment today as the gaps made by the spacers would have closed.

LUCKILY! there was just enough room. So now I have 8 brackets, which means the wire covers all of my teeth. This is to straighten my back teeth, as my bite is uneven after my wisdom tooth removal. My orthodontist told me that this wire is thinner than the last, but I don't know what difference that makes. I won't have to return to the hospital until the new year.

I'm so relieved that last week wasn't a waste of time. The last thing I need is to be set back 2 weeks, especially as I've got so far to go yet!

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