Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hey theres something missing...Oh yeah 4 big fat wisdom teeth!!!

Hello! I've finally found the effort to turn on my laptop! Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday, my teeth removal went great!

Never been under anesthetic before, but I have to say, my experience was pretty sweet!

Woke up to my surgeon telling me to lie back down cause he needed to wipe the blood off my face, and with numb lips I think I thanked him... bit fuzzy there.

I was so tired when I woke, but I have to say I felt great! I just wanted to sleep but I made myself sit up and stay awake, after all, sooner I'm home, the sooner someone else can have this bed - they were crazy busy!

One of the lovely nurses' actually offered me a sandwich though. A sandwich right now? Really?

But no, all in all a great experience, only 2 stitches and no immediate pain other than jaw ache.

OH! and before I went in, I met with my surgeon, who'll be doing my corrective jaw surgery. He now is talking about doing my top jaw too?!?

Any one having bi-jaw surgery? Thoughts are REALLY welcomed!



  1. I'm having double jaw surgery, and from what I've seen on these blogs, I think it's more common. I don't think it's as scary as it initially sounds, and the upper jaw is mostly angled so the bite lines up properly.

  2. Hey, I tried to view your page but it won't let me?


  3. Ugh I've had so many problems with this blog! Could you please let me know if you can view it now? I'd appreciate it;)