Tuesday, 8 November 2011

6 hours to go!

I did plan to get an early night, but I think its fair to say that was never gonna happen!

In 6 hours I'll be on my way to hospital to have all my wisdom teeth removed. I've never been under anesthetic, but I'm not worried about the procedure, although I am little concerned as my mom says I'll have to wear one of those weird backless shirt things, and I just don't see why I have to take off my bra and T-shirt they're messing with my face nothing else! - its just so unnecessary!

But any how, the awkwardness of that aside, I can't wait for it to be over cause if I have to hear one more joke about how they should leave a couple of teeth in as I need all the wisdom I can get.....

So! Good night, and I'll be sure to post tomorrow!



  1. Hey Sophie!
    I hope your widsom teeth removal went smoothly. Your teeth will be pretty sore and uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, but just think of it as preparation for jaw surgery.
    P.S. Anaesthesia is the best part!

  2. Hello! thank you for your post, I defiantly agree - anesthesia is amazing!!! I can see how people get hooked!

    The whole experience has made me really excited about my surgery, and you're right, it feels like a big step in the right direction!

    Thank you xxx