Sunday, 16 December 2012

Face update - 1 year 10 months with braces

In march I will have had these braces for 2 years, and lately, my tolerance for them is wearing thin.
Its the little things that annoy me now, silly things which aren't a big deal. Its the way people treat me, and don't understand - I do explain why they're necessary to the surgery, but most of the time I get 'Oh when I had braces it was a piece of cake...they were off within 6 months...' I'm like, yes well this is different... but they don't get my frustration!

[In the convenience store]
Shop assistant - 'Do you have any ID for that?'
Me - 'Yes, I'm 21, and this is a scratch card...'

[At work on break]
Me - 'can I have a knife and fork, please?'
Manager - 'why? you're eating a sandwich.'
Me - 'I know but its easier on account of my braces..'
Manager - 'Lol, You're so weird, haven't you had those braces for like, forever?'
Me - '....forget it.'

[My local pub]
Me - 'Hey, I'll have half a cider please'
Bartender - 'Okay can I see some ID?'
Me - *Shows ID* 'I'm 21, and you went to school with me!!!'
Bartender - 'Oh well its cause of the braces...'

[Flirting with hot guy]
Hot guy - 'Erm...I really like you Sophie, but I think you're a little young for me, maybe if you were a little older..'
Me - 'I'm 21!!!'
Hot guy - 'Oh really? You know I wouldn't have guessed, you don't expect someone your age to still have braces!'
Me - 'I don't still have braces, I - ...never mind.'

I know I'm being excessive here, but I think I'm just bitter from being postponed.
END OF RANT - Back to braces!

With my hair straight you can really see the shape of my face.
My teeth alignment hasn't really changed much, I think thats why I'm getting so wound up - nothing is changing!

This, again, is my good side... I'm smiling, but you really can't tell
This is my bad side, which actually isn't much different from my good side, except I try to steer clear of photographs this side. Hate that downwards line by my mouth - makes me look sad I think.

I really want my appointment to come through soon! It's been over 6 weeks for sure! I called and they said I'm waiting cause I don't have a set orthodontist, as mines gone of to have a baby, so its just whoever is around and available for me.

The waiting game - a pre-op's worst nightmare


  1. OH Sophie! I feel for you!!! I can totally relate 100%! I feel like I am reading my own thoughts! I am three years in March.. SERIOUSLY!!! And they said HOPEFULLY I can have them off before summer... ugggggh lol

    1. 3 YEARS! ... I literally at this point couldn't imagine it. Im still hoping surgery in February/March goes as planned, and i was HOPING to be brace free by next September when i start new university! I don't want to be the adult with braces again!
      I seriously hope you get them off with no delays, i wonder if we'll miss them when they're gone? Lol x

    2. hmmm... Will we miss them when they're gone? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! LOL

  2. Nice rant Sophie. I often feel like that with my braces. It needs to be said! :)

  3. I am almost your age .. and I feel u .. I have braces 2 .. can't wait till I take them off

  4. hi have u done your surgery?my case is exactly the same with yours OMG

    1. Hi Joe yeah I'm no now almost 9months post opp actually, check out my later posts to see my pics straight from surgery- I'm very happy with my face now and am so glad I went through with it. When are you due surgery?