Sunday, 16 October 2011

Next appointments

Had my letter arrive from the hospital, by 'first class' post too! It contained the dates for my next appointments, which I instantly thought were wrong as they were so close together.

First one said 22/11/11, the next 30/11/11. So I called them. I wish I hadn't, as the receptionist not only confirmed they were correct, but told me what I'd be having done on each appointment.

I'll be having those horrible spacers put back in, followed by bands, top jaw to bottom jaw.

She couldn't have just said 'Yes dear, there's no mistake.' but no, so now I'm making the most of being able to eat solids, waiting until I get the spacers and end up on a liquid diet of achiness.

Ah well, it's all for the erm...greater good?


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