Tuesday, 2 April 2013

So, I've been laying-low for a while...

I didn't write anything about this cause I just didn't want to post another depressing, moaning story and bum you guys all out!

But yeah, literally straight after I told you guys how I was gonna get an earlier appointment and that my surgeon wanted to see me soon, I got a call from his secretary saying he can't. So I must stick to my original joint-clinic appointment which isn't until May.

I felt so low, I cried on the way home on the train. And for the first time ever, I thought,

'I wish I'd never began this whole process.'

But of course, as soon as I thought it, I removed it from my mind because this is what I wanted, and I have to accept that it comes with is downsides.
But, its been over a week now, and I'm just accepting it as there's nothing else I can do!

Except wait and wait.....

You're all cheering me up with your amazing progress though... 
I'm not at all resentful and bitter at all.... haha! No really I love the vibes that come from a positive post. We seem to bounce of each other and it feels good. So here's a happier post. ish.

So I'm not gonna be in recovery as soon as I though. Big deal. the main thing is, it's gonna happen. and I've decided to stop waiting around for it - I can't put my life on hold!! I've booked tickets for a bunch of gigs which I was hesitant about incase it fell on my surgery lol! So I'm seeing Ill Nino this week, and Killswitch Engage in a few and I'm gona head of to a few theme parks and.....

Anyway you get the point :)

Hope you're all having a good Easter, And don't tell your ortho's you're munchin' on all that chocolate!!! x


  1. I can relate so much!
    I was so down, all my life was around this process. I used to cry all day and night long.
    It was mad difficult because I had nobody to understand me.
    All I had were the bloggers. :)
    My song used to be "Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams".
    But Sophie, you've had enough hard time.
    Time flies and soon you'll be where you want. ;)
    Keep your head up!

    1. I know you're right, I've come this far! I can't give up now right? And when i see how happy surgery has made everyone who wanted it, i know i can wait a little longer, and it will be totally worth it!

      And Erm, i think my song which always made me think of why Im changing myself was Autumns monologue by From Autumn to ashes :)

  2. Sad news Sophie, but you are nearly there. Next time you have a really hard time you should tell us sooner so we can give you a pep talk - just like the comforting words you offer us when we are down :)