Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Today was supposed to be my last appointment before surgery, but I am now having to wait 4 months longer, bringing me in to the beginning of 2013 before a date will be considered.

This is because the adjustments made to my braces last time haven't gone to plan.
They were supposed to be closing the little gap at the front of my teeth which was made whilst creating my under bite.
Instead, the gap has remained the same, and two new gaps have appeared either side. they say this will take two more appointments to fix this, using elastics.

What felt so close and real yesterday is now so out of reach.

At least I'll be able to eat Christmas dinner


  1. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. My surgery was supposed to be in June and I was so impatient. Now it's just around the corner (a week from tomorrow), and I'm nervous as heck!

    1. oh gosh that is soon!

      I've calmed down from the initial feeling of deflation, and am now looking at the bright side, which is that i get to complete the first year of my degree, uninterrupted :)

      Good luck for next week!