Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Good News All Round!

Right! So I have my last appointment with my new orthodontist (my old one is on maternity leave) on Tuesday 4th, where I will have impressions, photographs, new braces and finally get to meet with my surgeon again before he cuts up my face. I'm incredibly excited and, to my surprise not nervous or scared at all.
I also got accepted in to university! I start in 2 weeks, studying a Degree in Forensic Science, I'm staying at home for the first year, to accommodate for my surgery, then I'll be moving out to finish my last 2 years.

This also means that I finally get to leave work at McDonald's! I'm gonna celebrate next week on my last shift.

It was my 21st Birthday last week, I had an awesome fancy dress party - I was a pirate :)

I'll let'cha know how it goes next week.

Good night!

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