Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's about time!

I've had some very bad luck the last few months.

Firstly, after not receiving my next appointment when I was supposed to, I called the Manor Hosptial, and was told that my LOVELY Dr has left the department. When I asked 'so when will my next appointment be?' I was told very bluntly 'youll get one when you get one' followed by the buzz of the receiver as it was abruptly placed down.


But finally an my appointment has came, Im incredibly excited as this will be the one which decides whether my surgery is this side or Christmas or next year. I will have a number of X-rays and impressions taken and my braces finally changed.
My other disappointment came when I was turned down from the paediatrics nursing course I had applied for for next January due to it being FULL. But I think is is a blessing in disguise, as this means I will have more time to recover from surgery and can start the year after with a NEW FACE!

I'll let you know how it goes next week, more photos too! You are very lucky viewer!!! X x x


  1. I cannot believe the receptionist put the phone down on you! that is beyond rude. I hope you get the date your hoping for and that your next appointment goes well:) xx

  2. Thank you! It honestly can't come soon enough - its almost like my braces know when they're past when they should have been adjusted, and they take their frustration out on my mouth and give me nasty ulcers.
    But in a few weeks I'll have some sparkling new bands holding the wires in place - these ones have gone from silver to kinda bronze/brown which just looks dirty!

    But I'll really be smiling when i get my surgical hooks like yours - for me thats when I think I'll get really nervous.

    Are you nervous yet? :/ x

  3. ohhh yes I hate it when the bands go all discoloured and horrible! I've stopped eating curry so much because thats the worst for that haa.
    Yeah it's really starting to feel real now, but I have so many distractions at the moment because I'm on a really intensive art course and I'm seeing friends alot. I think when my course ends and I have more time to just sit around and think about it, I'll start to feel more scaredd! but we'll be fine we just have to go with the flow and be brave:) xx

  4. Here, here!!

    I left my art degree last year as I just didn't enjoy it anymore, but its great to see someone still hanging in there!

    I'm just nervous about the chance of permanent lip/chin numbness, I've just spoken to someone who a year on still has no feeling - but I'm told that's better than a constant tingling. But the way I see it, its a small price to pay for the chance to feel happy and content with yourself :)

    I see in your photos you have an under-bite now, (I haven't gone all the way back on your blog yet) did you have one before? or has it been induced by the braces?