Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Day 1 Recap/ Day 2/ LOTS OF PICTURES + Shout outs!

Right! This is the last two days from the beginning, be prepared for a lot of photos!

So, as you know, on Monday 15th at 7am I checked in to Newcross hospital, and started what turned out to be a very long wait.

Surgery morning

I had a slight temperature (37.9) so they took some bloods and made me wait. then there were no beds free, so my wait continued, I was starting to worry that I would be sent home and would have to be postponed! But then luckily, at 2.15pm I was told to get changed into my gown and head down to theater. 

my converse match my gown :)

one last smile with this face :)

 I really got to the point where I wasn't nervous anymore. I don't know whether it was due to my long wait, or maybe I just figured, its gonna happen. whether I'm scared or not, so I might as well go in with my head held high and big-ass smile on my face :)

The staff were really nice, chatting away to me as they got ready. they took my temperature again and it was still a little high, but I litterally stressed to them how hot it was in the waiting room and that I felt fine - also hadn't been allowed any fluids since 6am!

The surgeon was talking to me about CSI and before I knew it, the room began to spin- they'd given me the anesthesia without me even realising and I was off to sleep :)

2 hours later - half an hour post op

I woke up at about 6.15pm feeling fine - I must really agree with being put to sleep - I feel like I've had a great nights sleep!

I asked if I could remove my oxygen mask, they agreed and then told me I looked really happy I was like I am! They cleaned up my hands and face, and then I raised my hand to feel my jaw for the first time. 

Already I could tell the difference - where my chin would normally be was nothing lol, it felt smaller, and yes, swollen, but already I felt really happy.

I was up and about immediately and didn't feel like sleeping or lying down. My parents turned up about 7pm, and the look of relief on my moms face was funny - apparently she'd been stressing about seeing me so swollen but was relieved when it wasn't too bad.

I hadn't seen myself yet - there were no mirrors in my room and I didn't have my stuff back yet, but my mom took these pictures.

 I can feel and see the difference in my chin length, and despite the swelling being uneven, I can see the symmetry already :) 

Now, my dad pointed out these bruises on my leg, I wondered if one of the surgeons had pinched me as they lent over me, but when I showed the nurse, she told me that it was from the pads used to 'ground' me as a current is used with one of the cutting devices! I'd just had a reaction to the adhesive.

My first night

I was dosed up with codine and paracetamol at 7.30pm, and when it came for my next dose at 11pm I had to eat something to line my stomach. I had this yogurt - it was amazing :) and I felt great still - no nausea or trouble breathing or anything.

 I managed to sleep from 12ish to about 4am, then was awake until now! I'm pretty exhausted, but it was annoying as there was no blind in my room so the sunshine kept me awake. 


my left side, which was very swollen compared to my right, had almost complete numbness, and my chin and lip was numb too. 

My surgeon told me that they were able to completely avoid my nerve so there will be no damage which I was very happy about!

Day 2

I was a lot more swollen today- my throat is pretty swollen and that thing that dangles at the back of your throat must be swollen cause it feels like I need to constantly spit something out. 

I'm so happy to see my front teeth again!!! I've missed them. my bite is perfectly straight at the front, but my molars don't meet properly so I guess I'll have a fair bit of brace work after. 

 For breakfast I had a few spoonfuls of readybrek and some juice and tea which was nice. But I've mostly drank water - I'm probably more hydrated than ever before!

 The bruising is really coming out, on my left side and under my chin. I finally got discharged at 3pm, I've been so much happier at home!

Overall I'm so surprised at how well I feel - I feel I was very lucky and had a very smooth ride. I hope this will continue.
I'm currently lying here with a bag of peas on my face - it's really helped with the swelling. I keep getting a really itchy chin - but because its still numb I can't feel where to scratch it, it's driving me crazy!

Well I'm gonna try and get some sleep now, and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, Amanda K, Corrinne, Ellie Fant, Cassie, Sarah P,
Heather - I hope all went well today!!! 
Natasha - I will definitely meet up with you when I'm in Peterborough! maybe the 28th??

Anyone I've missed  I do appologise - I'm fracking knakered!

Good night guys - It's all been worth it!!!! 


  1. Wow! Can't believe how good you look, this has really made me feel a lot better, you look about as swollen/uncomfortable as when I had a dodgy wisdom out. I really hope the smooth ride continues for you, I reckon some slushy ice-cream is a good shout in this hot weather...?

    My next appointment in September he's gonna take some moulds and show the surgeon as I'm more or less done with bracework, I'm hoping (optimistically?!) that I'll be under the knife in 6 months...well that's what I'm clinging onto anyway.

    Can't wait to see how you progress, must be SO exciting :D



    1. Hey thanks sarah! as you'll be later, my face has kinda swelled more, but its more even so it's alright.

      And thats great - you know when they're talking about impressions and things that you're almost there! If you've read any of my posts from the last say, 4 months, you'll know how low I got, thinking it would never come, and now that it did, I'm like, what was all the fuss about!?!

      I'm constantly smiling - at least I think I am >.< I can't quite tell! aha

  2. Hi Sophie Leigh, great to hear that you are feeling so well (hope that continues). It probably has a lot to do with your attitude being so positive! So super excited for you!!!

    1. Hey thanks Ellie!
      I just had another nap - feel really good, refreshed :) just made myself a shake to drink and fill me up :)

      I tell you what, literally, just thinking 'screw it, it's happening, and I'm gonna be fine' really helped. I went in to theater - heart rate a little elevated yes, but smiling and laughing and you know i woke up the same :)

  3. Glad your doing good Sophie-Leigh! What the hell about being earthed! That's crazy!

    yes, yes, yes, totally up for that, 28th is good for me. You just let me know when your free, it doesn't have to be right away or anything, just whenever you feel up to it, don't want to encroach on your time with your man either. I'll email you my number anyway!

    You look great by the way! xxx Much Love

    1. Haha I know, she was kinda chuckling when she told me, like I wouldn't believe her! Too right, I was surprised!

      the 28th is my goal to 'look' fairly normal, as it's Toms bday and if i look okay-ish I want to come down for a few days around then, so obviously, I'll keep you posted, and my email is :)

  4. do you look so good??? That is so amazing. Glad everything went well and that you are way ahead of the curve for recovery! So bizarre about them "grounding" you! Oy vey!

    1. Thank youuu!

      I actually wanted to say thanks to you - the night before surgery, I was looking at those who were post op, and reading their accounts of the first day.

      Yours was really helpful - and if anything I can really relate to it with my experience :)

      Congrats on having your braces off!!


  5. Awesome that your doing so well.
    What were your final surgical movements?

    1. Hey Nicole,

      If they stuck to what they said they were gonna do, then i had my bottom jaw moved back 4mm, and then rotated 4mm to correct the symmetry.

      I meet with my surgeon next wednesday so they'll tell me then I assume!

  6. So glad you are doing good! Getting my lap top set up today so I will write more!! You look great!! : ) my surgery went well. No vomiting or nose bleeds yay! I can feel my upper lip and most of my upper face which is uncomfortable. : ( hope you slept well!

    1. No vomiting is such a bonus! lol

      aww thats brilliant to hear, and yeah the kinda numbness/tingling is very frustrating, I can't wait for it to go!

      Yes I've been sleeping well tbf - it helps that I've had my bf to snuggle up to!

      can't wait to read more of your progress and see some pics! xxx

  7. you look amazing! can't believe the difference. This has made me so much more excited about my surgery :)

    Hope your recovery goes well

    1. Thank you fiona, yes my movement was so small compared to some, but just that 4mm had made such a difference already.
      I'm glad I could help, and let me tell you 9 days on and it was definitely worth it. No regrets!

  8. Hi Sophie :) well done!
    Am I correct in reading that the surgery was only a couple of hours long?!
    The photos look good and you look very awake and happy.
    I'm pleased for you x

    1. Thanks I feel great today.
      And yes, about that long. I last looked at the clock when the room started to spin, at half 2. I woke up at about quarter past 6, and I know my mom had called before then and was told it was over and I was fine so yeah it wasn't as long as I'd originally thought.

      I'm off for my check up now, a few x rays I think