Monday, 8 July 2013

Surgery in 7 days!!/ Post-opp-Inventory?

So, this time next week, hopefully it will all be over, and hopefully despite the swelling and pain, I will be happy :)

I'm very nervous - I got very overwhelmed and cried on webcam to Tom the other night, but that's just between us okay?

But, thinking more logically now, I need to start preparing for post opp life

So, I know a lot of you after surgery posted a list of things you needed, used and didnt use during recovery and other than Frubes (cause they're delicious), I haven't really got anything yet!

Any suggestions?

I could very easily live off of these :)


  1. Hi. I am having jaw surgery in 2 days... And I am still trying to figure out what I'm going to need.
    A big recommendation I've noticed is a soft bristled baby tooth brush. And maybe some baby spoons to eat with?
    As for food, those yogurt tubes seem like a good idea. I bet they would be really good frozen.
    I was also suggested to buy some Ensure or Boost meal replacement drinks (not sure if you have those brands in the UK) since they're liquid so they will be very easy to drink. And they are also loaded with vitamins and protein.

    1. Hey yeah we have build up type shakes here too, and I asked my mom to get me a baby brush too-especially as I'm having a split instead of wired after surgery which I've heard can get really gross! I've heard it can be hard to sleep lying down after surgery so some people find travel pillows a great help as they help with the pressure which can relieve swelling too ;) I can't wait to do my shop for post opp journey ;) I'll be sure to catch up with you after your surgery ;) good luck

  2. Hi Sophie! I know I am getting so nervous as well! I also might have had a mini break down yesterday. My sister law thought something horrible had happened because she has never seen me cry. lol

    I have a list of stuff I have to get for the surgery. When I get off tonight and get home I can email you my list if you want : ) What is your email? or I can post it here!

    1. Hey either will be great!

      AWw don't cry! I'm just really scared of getting sick or giving them any reason not to go ahead with the surgery.

    2. Haha. I hear that. I've been washing my hands like crazy, and stressing about my molds they need (afraid they aren't right)! I am totally freaked about surgery in general, but mainly because I sing for a living I am super nervous about the changes being made and how they will affect my voice. I know it will all be fine, and prob work out, but it's the not knowing for sure that has me uneasy. : )

      I will totally be thinking of you this coming Monday! I know everything will go amazing, and I am sure you won't get sick! Just wear one of those masks. jk

      I will get my list to you when I get off work.

    3. Hi Sophie!

      One of my old voice students who is in college had jaw surgery 6 months ago so I have wracked her brain for the things she used and needed. Here is what we came up with:

      Tom's Toothpaste (or another natural non alcohol toothpaste)
      Aquaohor (lip balm)
      Children's motrin (I am not sure why everyone says to have this... but I have heard it from multiple people)
      Bromelain (helps with swelling)
      B-complex (vitamin for keeping your immune system up)
      Fiber supplement
      Moist facial towelettes
      Saline nasal spray
      Boogie wipes (found in baby section, sounds gross but since you can't blow your nose...)
      Baby toothbrush
      Baby spoons
      nutri squeeze bottle for water.
      sippy cups
      Gogo squeeze or plum organics (Toddler food, its seriously not bad. I had some of my nephews last week)
      Lots of Juice : )
      Ginger ale
      Jaw bra (if hospital doesn't provide)
      A bed wedge for sleeping upright. I got one from amazon.
      Travel neck pillow

      Someone mentioned a few cheap crappy t-shirts or tanks for the first week since you tend to drool blood and food so you don't ruin any of your fav shirts.

      Also, a pillow cover (protector) + dark pillow cover as people do have nosebleeds for up to a week after, and can bleed through the mouth. Don't want to ruin your pillows : )

      Here are foods that naturally help reduce swelling/inflammation:
      sweet potatoes

      Paper to keep track of med times + eating schedule
      This one looks pretty old person, but something like that : ) I might be to crazy organized. lol

      Seriously hope your surgery goes perfectly! Feel free to email me or anything while your recovering!!

      Good luck!

  3. Awww Sophie! It's perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and scared and nervous and to cry all you want. I think I have a mini breakdown probably once a month if not more where I just think Oh god what am I doing, I cant do this! and have a good cry and then sort my shit out, get my game face back on and then I cant wait for surgery again....till the next time something scares me!

    Food wise, I was having a browse in Aldi the other day (it's an evening out for me :-p ) and I came across the baby food section, now I'm not 100% sure on eating baby food myself yet but actually some of it looked pretty good! It is obviously very soft and liquidy, got all your nutrients in it and they did some really yummy looking deserts like choc pudding, apple crumble and rice pudding. Plus being in Aldi it was really cheap!

    Hope your feeling better! xxx

  4. So excited for you Sophie!!! I imagine that the next seven days will fly by but take an eternity at the same time - anyways shopping should help (even if it is only for recovery supplies). I think we all have days (like yourself & Natasha) but the reason FOR is always greater than against. Hang in there, my thoughts are with you ��

  5. good luck with your surgery!! i am recovering right now from my double jaw surgery I had July 8. One thing I could not live without is my humidifier, my doctor actually suggested we get this, and its been a life saver keeping the air moist and not too dry. But honestly the one thing you need more than anything during this entire process is a positive attitude. you will be fine! Good luck!! :)