Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Well it's about time, under-bite!

After almost 8 months with braces which are designed to force my teeth to produce an under-bite, its finally happened. 
I can't relax my teeth without the bottom set overlapping my front teeth, and I can't even move them behind by pushing my jaw back anymore.

But although my once-straight teeth are looking pretty spacious nowerdays, I don't mind because it just means things are moving along, and before you know it I'll be ready for surgery!


It does however feel and look as though the one side of my teeth are making more progress than the other, which is making a rather large gap between my teeth, but I'm sure the other side will catch up.                                       


  1. cute you are,nice pictures.
    see you missbraces.

  2. Hello! I have an underbite too and i'm 16 now,i don't know what i have to do,can you help me?

    1. Hi! I had my surgery because my jaw clicked and locked and caused pain called TMJD. Correcting the asymmetry in my face was to help stop this pain (hopefully)

      I didn't have an underbite to begin with - the braces had to make one so that my teeth would sit right after surgery.

      Have you spoken to a doctor about it? If it makes you unhappy you should definitely seek help - I first approached a doctor when I was 13 as I was getting bullied about my face and just wanted to look normal.

      I was put on a waiting list an not seen again until I was 18! This is because in most cases, surgery to reset the jaw can only be performed once you have stopped 'growing' as this could lead to more complications.

      But I've waited.. 9 years now, and I had surgery 19 days ago and it's completely changed me - just 4mm of movement to move my jaw back has made so much difference to my appearance, and not to mention my confidence. I'm still waiting to see if it has fixed the pain problem yet, but either way it's worth it,.

      If you're really serious about it, honestly just speak to your doctor and they can decide to refer you to the hospital.

      Hope this helps, also, where are you from?